High Resolution Field-Cycling NMR Technology

We, "Field Cycling Technology Ltd.", are specialized in unique instrumentation for High-Resolution Field-Cycling NMR Relaxometry and also focus on continuous development of this technology.

We have designed a compact mechanical field cycling shuttle device for measuring field-dependent NMR interactions. The device has been installed in commercial high field, high resolution NMR spectrometers at 500, 600 and 700 MHz without modification of the host spectrometers. The system uses conventional NMR tubes for measuring high resolution spectra of biopolymers with sensitivity of the host spectrometers reduced only by relaxation during travel, which is 80 ms for a distance of 90 cm. Thus, a full-range relaxation experiments can be conducted as conventional NMR experiments.

Video Example

This design has been adapted on Burker standard bore 600MHz equipped with 5mm QXI probehead in High Field NMR core facility (HFNMRC), Taiwan, and Bruker standard bore 700MHz equipped with 5mm cryoprobe (5mm TCI) and Bruker wide bore 500MHz in CEA Saclay, France.

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