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The Field-Cycling technique in NMR (FCNMR) has been applied to various field-dependent studies. Several keywords, NMR dispersion (NMRD), and relaxometry, all point to the field-cycling technique in NMR. The main idea is to measure relaxation in the axis of Larmor frequency. Its applications include material science, such as polymer dynamics, and structural biologies, such as membrane dynamics and protein dynamics, and relaxivity measurements on contrast agents in the MRI field, etc.
To have magnetic field dependent measurement on studies samples, we have designed a compact mechanical sample shuttle device to reach "field-cycling" in NMR experiments. For the related technologies please visit our Technology and Products.
This technology has been applied to several studies, such as protein dynamics, polymer analysis, even contrast agent synthesis for MRI purposes. For more detail please visit Applications. We currently open field-cycling NMR service as well. Any questions or inquiries for our service, please submit your information on Service.



ICMRBS XXIX will be held from August 21 - 25, 2022 at the Westin Copley Place, Boston, USA

We are going to present a booth in ICMRBS 2022 in Boston, USA! We will present our new product "the shuttle-photo-CIDNP" in the booth. The presenting duration will be August 21 ~ 25. 2022. See you soon there in Boston!