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We have meticulously crafted highly-specialized research instruments that can be tailored to meet the needs of researchers engaged in biomolecular studies, medical sciences, and material investigations. Our instruments are carefully designed to facilitate field-dependent NMR studies and illuminated NMR, delivering unprecedented precision and accuracy in these research areas.

High-Field Field-Cycler (HFFC)

Our High-Field Field-Cycler (HFFC) is a rapid sample shuttler adapted to your high-field NMR spectrometer. It carries the NMR sample rapidly between the stray fields and the acquisition center of the high-field NMR spectrometer. The special design of the adaptation on the spectrometer well preserves the performance of high-field NMR.

Field-Cycling NMR illuminator

Field-cycling NMR illuminator provides a no-contact lighting mechanism to irradiate the field-cycling sample during the NMR experiment. It can irradiate the sample at variable stray fields in an NMR spectrometer. The device has no long optical-fiber flipping during shuttling. Therefore, the field-cycling sample can move rapidly and preciously between the illumination spot and the acquisition sweep spot. This shuttle-illumination device is an exclusive add-on to the High-Field Field-Cycler (HFFC).

High-field Illuminated NMR

The high-field NMR illuminator, to perform the photo-related NMR experiments at commercial high-field NMR spectrometers. The major components of this NMR illuminator are a light source module and a light guide to couple the light directly to samples inside the NMR tube. The compactness of our in-situ NMR illuminator implements photo-related experiments without additional hardware requirements in an NMR spectrometer.